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Angular Position Transducers

angle transmitters

For measuring angular positions and converting them into electrical signals for transmission purposes, either potentiometric, inductive, magnetic, incremental or absolutely coded angular position transducers are used according to the particular application.
Potentiometric angular position transducers contain a high resolution resistance element of conductive plastic with a linearity of
± 0,1%. They are mainly used for power and braking control elements for railway vehicles as well as for rudder and propeller systems in ships.
Inductive angular position transducers of the non-contacting type are preferable used on measuring points which are exposed to extreme vibration or shock, or to corrosive atmospheres.
Magnetic angular position transducers are extremely robust. They are predominately used in commercial vehicles for sensing the position of steering type axles or the angle of the articulated arm of excavators.
Opto-electronic angular position transducers possess code disks, whose tracks are digitally scanned.
Please contact MECOSA for advice in selecting the right transducer for your application.

Tilt Angle Transmitters

tilt angle transmitters
Tilt angle values of a platform, e.g. on
• cranes and heavy-duty vehicles
• excavators and drilling machines
• ships and offshore facilities
stand for important measuring data as a part of the safety and control system of that type of machinery. Angular measurement for leveling purposes is performed by dual axis pendulum systems.
Single axis pendulum systems detect e.g.:
• angular positions of a crane jib
• lateral inclination of a vehicle
• orientation of lifting platforms, weir traps or of comparable facilities.
Please contact MECOSA for advice in selecting the right transmitter for your application.