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We Measure Ash Content in Coal
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Ash in Coal Measurement

1) Determination of ash content during train loading
2) Monitoring the control of blending methods
3) Early recognition of trends in the ash content permits optimal process control
4) Optimised process control in coal preparation
Measuring principle: Dual energy transmission
For varying ash composition, a 3rd transmission measurement (X-ray) improves accuracy and repeatability (optional)
Detectors: Scintillators, NaI (Ti) crystals
Long-term stability: ± 0,1 %
Max. temperature: 50 °C
Detector housing material: SS 316 Ti
Monitor: 12" TFT touch screen, flat panel industrial computer
Signal inputs: moisture, belt speed, belt stop, batch start/stop, product selection
Signal output: Analogue and digital
Required power: 100 - 240 V AC