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We Measure NDIR and DIR Gases in the Environment,
in Hospitals and in Industries
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Non-dispersive and Dispersive Infrared Gas Analysers

NDIR analyzer

For over 40 years the ANDROS OEM product lines have pioneered the wide spread use of NDIR and DIR gas analysers for automotive emissions and patient monitoring applications. With over 400,000 OEM gas measurement products being delivered during that time, LUMASENSE is building on that experience by extending that knowledge and expertise into other applications such as Refrigerant Leak Monitoring, Industrial Combustion and Heat Treating, Landfill and Greenhouse Gas sensing and measurement. ANDROS OEM products are engineered to be easy to integrate into customers own manufactured instruments, provide high quality measurement and performance and be cost effective to operate and maintain. Using common optical and electronics platforms and mature operating system firmware ANDROS OEM gas measurement components can be easily reconfigured to meet new application requirements with little or no impact on existing customer hardware or software.