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We Measure Gas Concentrations in the ppb Range
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Photoacoustic Trace

Gas Monitor 1412
Since most gases have characteristic infrared absorption spectra, infrared spectroscopy is an excellent monitoring tool. LUMASENSE has a selection of INNOVA gas-monitors exploring this technique to provide a very stable and sensitive detection limits - Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS).
The INNOVA Trace Gas Monitors measure
very accurately down to ppb ranges, they compensate for temperature and pressure fluctuations, water vapour interference and interference from other known gases.
Ethylene oxide sterilisation - Atmospheric research - Photographic industry - Animal husbandry - Gas manufacturing -
Green house gases - Contaminated soil -
SF6 in transformers - Industrial hygiene -
thermal comfort - Power industry -
Formaldehyde - Fermentation - Automotive - Ventilation - Head space - Hospitals