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Relative Humidity & Temperature Measuring Instruments

handheld r.h. instrument
The handheld instruments for relative humidity and temperature measurements, manufactured by HYGROCONTROL, provide simultaneous indication of r.H. and temperature. Humidity can also be calculated and displayed as Dew Point or Absolute Humidity.
The instruments offer:
• Fixed or flexible probes
• HOLD / MIN / MAX / AVG function
• Real-time clock
• Automatic shut-down
The instruments require four AA batteries as power.

Relative Humidity & Temperature Measuring Instruments

Lab r.H. meter HYGROCONTROL's laboratory meters measure relative humidity and temperature simultaneously. Different sensor types can be connected without re-calibration: Water activity chamber, recessing and surface probes.
Humidity can be displayed in Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Absolute Humidity, Water Content, Specific Humidity and Enthalpy.
Temperature compensation for sensors and electronics is incorporated.

Wall Duct Hygrometers

Duct hygrometers
HYGROCONTROL offers low cost and high precision wall duct hygrometers.
Relative humidity and temperature are measured simultaneously. The measured humidity value can be calculated and displayed in Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Absolute Humidity, Specific Humidity and Enthalpy.
Signal output: Freely programmable analogue and digital.
Probe material: PP, PTFE or SS 316 Ti

Industrial Type Hygrometers

Industrial r.H. transmitters
HYGROCONTROL offers a large range of industrial hygrometers for almost every application.
From a capacitive dew point meter as a low cost alternative to a chilled mirror instrument to high-precision relative humidity/temperature transmitters, available as well in ATEX Ex for hazardous environments.
Indication and transmitter output can be calculated in Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Absolute Humidity, Specific Humidity and Enthalpy.
Please contact MECOSA to help you to select the right instrument for your application.

Relative Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

R.H & temperature transmitter
The measuring principle of the relative humidity sensor manufactured by Mütec Instruments is based on the impedance technology rather than on the capacitance method. The impedance technology offers an extremely high degree of resistance to corrosive gases and provides long term stability. The response of the sensor to humidity change is fast.
Temperature measurement by an NTC sensor and with it temperature compensation of the r.h. measurement is provided.

Dew Point Meter

dew point meter
The HYGROCONTROL Xentaur XPDM is a capacitive dew point meter for portable applications as a low-cost alternative to a chilled mirror instrument.
The dew point meter has two different ranges:
-100 °Ctd to +20 °Ctd
or -65 °Ctd to +20 °Ctd.
The measuring result can be read as °Ctd,
°Ftd, ppm, g H2O/scm or as lbs H2O/scf.
• Mains or battery powered
• Analogue output 4 - 20 mA or0 - 10 V
• Pressure compensated
• Simple re-calibration at saturation
• Automatic sensor and error detection
Optionally available:
RS 232 output and relay output