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We Measure Moisture and Water Content in Solids
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Moisture Meter
for Solids

Micro polar
This on-line moisture meter measures moisture, dry substance, water content and concentration of bulk materials, pastes suspensions and fluids.
Principle: microwave transmission, determines phase-shift and attenuation.
Bulk density compensation (optional)
System can be mounted on conveyor belts, chutes, pipes, vessels, bunkers or silos.
Fields of applications in: mining industry, power plants, chemical, petro-chemical, pulp and paper, food, and building material industries.
Sensors: horn & spiral antennas, flow cells, container probes, and complete measuring chutes
Evaluation unit: SS wall mounting housing
Display: Graphic LCD 114x64 mm
alphanumeric keyboard & 4 soft-keys
Signal output: analogue & digital
Interface: RS 232, RS 485
Required power: 18-36 V DC or 90-265 V AC

Moisture Meter

LB 350
The neutron moisture meter is based on the principle that fast neutrons are slowed down by scattering hydrogen nuclei, fast neutrons are hardly slowed down by materials of higher atomic numbers.
This method is used to monitor the moisture of coke, sand and sinter.
Measurements are either done within a container or outside on its surface.
Neutron sources: 3,7 or 11,1 GBq
Neutron detector: 3He counter tube with automatic drift compensation
Max. temperature: 50 °C
Density compensation by gamma-radiation
Evaluation unit: either wall mounting unit
or 19" rack unit (max. 2 units per rack)
Display: 5 digits LED
Set-up: fully programmable
Signal output: analogue & digital
Required power: 18-36 V DC
or 24/125/250 V AC

Moisture Meter
for Low Moisture Content

Humy 2000
The in-line moisture meter HUMY 2000 manufactured by Mütec Instruments measures very low water content in solids, such as granules, powders and pellets, even in an hazardous (Ex) environment.
Lowest measuring range: 0 - 0,1 % residual moisture.
Accuracy: ± 0,02 % of fsd
Signal output: 4 - 20 mA
Relay output: high & low alarm
Computer interface: RS 232 & RS 485
Required power: 230 V AC and 24 V AC/DC

On-Line Near-Infrared Moisture Sensors

NIR moisture meter
PROCESS SENSORS manufactures a series of high-quality on-line near infrared (NIR) moisture sensors for the continuous monitoring and measurement of moisture. Some of them are multiple constituent sensors. They can measure three components simultaneously. For example, they can monitor moisture, coat weight, thickness, etc. from the same transmitter, continuously in real-time.
Applications: Tobacco, snack foods, potato chips, wood product, etc.
Moisture range: 0,1 % min., 95 % max.
Accuracy: ± 0,1 % of range
Signal output: 4 - 20 mA and 0 - 10 V DC
Computer interface: RS 232 & RS 485 Profibus, Ethernet, Devicenet, Profinet and Modbus

Bench-Top Moisture Transmitter

Benchtop Moisture meter
The bench-top NIR moisture meter manufactured by PROCESS SENSORS is rugged, simple to use and highly reliable on the factory floor or in the quality control laboratory. The instrument provides precise measurements of moisture, oils, resins and other constitutes, in virtually all types of powders, flakes and leaves.
Moisture range: 0,1 % min., 95 % max.
Accuracy: ± 0,1 % of range

Hand-Held RF Moisture Sensor

handheld moisture meter
The hand-held moisture sensor manufactured by PROCESS SENSORS is a pure dielectric RF moisture gauge using enhanced phase lock referencing on the generated frequency to measure shift in resonant frequency due solely to change to moisture throughout the sampling volume.
The measurement is not influenced by ionic strength.