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We Measure the Mass-Flow of Solids on a Nuclear Belt-Weigher
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LB 442

The nuclear belt-weigher can be equipped either with rod source and point detector, or with point source and rod detector,
depending on belt load profile.
Point detector: scintillator NaI (Ti) crystal
Rod detector: plastic scintillator
Both with automatic drift compensation
Rod detector length: between 0,5 m and 2 m
Typical dose rate at empty belt: 3 µSv/h
Evaluation Unit:
19" rack mounting, opt. wall mounting
Required power 18 - 32 V DC, opt. 110/230 V
Signal input: belt speed, moisture,
belt start/stop, products 1 to 4
Signal output: analogue and digital
Display: 4 lines LCD
Set-up: fully programmable
Interface: RS 232 & RS 485