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Universal Radiation Monitors

Umo 123
Radio nuclides are needed and useful in many fields of application. However, they may also be dangerous if improperly handled. Therefore working with radioactive materials in Nuclear Medicine, Research or Industry requires continuous monitoring to detect possible contamination or over-radiation. BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES offers a number of portable or stationary radiation monitors.
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Personal Contamination Monitors

contamination Monitor
The Personal Contamination Monitors manufactured by BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES are developed on a very high level of detector technology, and controlled by a modern industrial computer. By that means, they offer all qualifications to improve further the safety and reliability of contamination checks in radio nuclide laboratories, nuclear power stations and other nuclear installations in general.
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Advanced Radiation Detection
Portal Monitoring Systems for the Steel Industry

Portal monitors

Introducing the next generation of Radiation Portal Monitors
The currently deployed series of portal monitors have not been significantly improved in the last 10 years and in this time there has been a significant step forward in technology that can be applied to solve the complex analysis problems involved in vehicle monitoring.
The Portal monitors manufactured by Radiation Solutions Inc. incorporate advanced technologies pioneered by their R+D team who have very extensive experience in this field.  For the first time these new technologies can be applied to solve current system limitations and advance the technology to provide essentially fully AUTOMATIC analysis systems with almost Zero False Alarm rate as compared to current systems while achieving significantly improved system sensitivity and performance.
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