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We Service what We Sell

Although MECOSA (Pty) Ltd represents a number of specialized overseas companies the technical expertise for their instruments lies also within MECOSA.

MECOSA has a well equipped workshop and their skilled and factory trained technicians are able to offer product training and give technical advice and support to our customers.

Commissioning, maintenance service, testing, calibration and repair service down to component level, are done by the workshop staff of MECOSA.

Customer Training is Close to Our Heart

MECOSA (Pty) Ltd offers various training courses for all our customers
over a one or two days duration for various subjects:

1. Product Training on Request:

Please give us at least 2 weeks notice time.
For detailed information or bookings, please contact MECOSA.

2a. Training Subject: The Use of Radioactive Isotopes for Industrial Measurements

This 2-day training course is aimed at people involved in the management, use or maintenance of measuring equipment containing radioactive sources. It is essential for those people who are, or will be, responsible for ensuring the safe use of radioactive sources, i.e. Radiation Protection Officers or Acting RPOs.

The course is designed to equip the participants with an understanding of what are radioactive sources, their application, safe use and what to do in the case of emergency. The programme will also cover the legal requirements for the appointment of radiation protection officers, and the administrative procedures and records required for obtaining, possessing, transporting or disposing of radioactive sources.

Delegates will be issued with a certificate which is accepted by the Department of Health as evidence of training for Radiation Protection Officers.
For detailed information or bookings, please contact MECOSA.

2b. Training Subject: The Use of Radioactive Isotopes in Soil Testing Instruments

A similar 2-day course as the above is available for users of soil testing instruments.
For detailed information or bookings, please contact MECOSA.

2c. Training Subject: The Transport of Radioactive Material in Industry

A similar 2-day course as the two above is available for forwarding agencies and transport companies who are trying to receive from the Department of Health the authority to transport radioactive material throughout the Republic of South Africa.
For detailed information or bookings, please contact MECOSA.

3. Training Subject: Successful pH and Redox Measurements

Without a basic knowledge of a few chemical principles as well as of potentiometry and the functionality of the various types of pH and redox electrodes a successful pH or redox measurement is practically impossible.

This 2-day course does not only supply theoretical knowledge, it also includes a practical training section where the participants can improve their measuring skills and discuss with the course presenter their specific measuring problems.
For detailed information or bookings, please contact MECOSA.

4. Training Subject: Successful Dissolved Oxygen Measurements

In ecological systems like seas, rivers and lakes the oxygen content has to be monitored in order to determine the state of pollution in these systems. In the treatment of domestic and industrial waste water a high amount of oxygen is required by micro-organism to decompose organic waste. On the other hand the oxygen content in boiler water and feed water systems must be kept as low as possible in order to minimise the corrosion danger in boiler and pipe walls.

The purpose of this 2-day training course is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in clear and understandable form in order to measure the dissolved oxygen amount in any system accurately.
For detailed information or bookings, please contact MECOSA.

The above training courses are held publicly in places providing conference facilities, or on request, also in-house at customer’s premises. Other courses are in preparation and are also available on request.